Monday, July 20, 2009

Download free online game named bowman2

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Want to download free games? Here i will introduce a free online game to play. You will find a download link at the bottom of the post. First i want to tell you something on this GAME. Bowman2 is a free game. You can pass your time by playing it. But you need a flash player. If you don't have this no problem first download the game & then unzip & then open the file using IE. IE will guide you if you dont have flash palyer installed. Lets view few screenshots:

Fig: Main menu.

Fig: Game in action

Master the art of shooting a bow and arrow with a mouse!
Click on the game 'settings' link in the main menu to alter game parameters. Please note: 'Show Index' displays the angle and power of your shot when you pull back an arrow. 'Critical Hit' doubles the damage if the shooting angle exceeds 45 degrees. 'Vitality' is the number of hits needed to kill an opponent or die.

To shoot an arrow, click anywhere in game window (make sure you have enough room to adjust strength and angle) and move your mouse back and down to adjust the angle and strength of your shot, and finally release the left mouse button when you're ready to shoot.


I have passed a lot of time with this game. Hope you will enjoy.

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Online Casinos said...

Your post looks interesting. the game may be free and simple but it sure looks fun. :D

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