Thursday, March 5, 2009

A list of Keyboard Shortcuts in SQL Query Analyzer

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In most of the time developers need to prepare query for reports. So if we know the shortcuts of query analyzer we can increase operational excellence as well as own productivity. Hope the below list of shortcuts will help us more.

A list of Keyboard Shortcuts in SQL Query Analyzer:
CTRL-SHIFT-F2Clear all bookmarks.CTRL+F2Insert or remove a bookmark (toggle).
F2Move to next bookmark.SHIFT+F2Move to previous bookmark.
ALT+BREAKCancel a query.CTRL+OConnect.
CTRL+F4Disconnect.CTRL+F4Disconnect and close child window.
ALT+F1Database object information.CTRL+SHIFT+DELClear the active Editor pane.
CTRL+SHIFT+CComment out code.CTRL+C or Ctrl+InsertCopy
CTRL+X or Shift+DelCutSHIFT+TABDecrease indent.
CTRL+DELDelete through the end of a line in the Editor pane.CTRL+FFind.
CTRL+GGo to a line number.TABIncrease indent.
CTRL+SHIFT+LMake selection lowercase.CTRL+SHIFT+UMake selection uppercase.
CTRL+V or Shift+InsertPaste.CTRL+SHIFT+RRemove comments.
F3Repeat last search or find next.CTRL+HReplace.
CTRL+ASelect all.CTRL+ZUndo.
F5 or Ctrl + EExecute a query.F1Help for Query Analyzer.
SHIFT+F1Help for the selected Transact-SQL statement.F6Switch between query and result panes.
Shift+F6Switch panes.CTRL+WWindow Selector.
CTRL+NNew Query window.F8Object Browser (show/hide).
F4Object Search.CTRL+F5Parse the query and check syntax.
CTRL+PPrintCTRL+DDisplay results in grid format.
CTRL+TDisplay results in text format.CTRL+BMove the splitter.
CTRL+SHIFT+FSave results to file.CTRL+RShow Results pane (toggle).
CTRL+SHIFT+MReplace template parameters.CTRL+LDisplay estimated execution plan.
CTRL+KDisplay execution plan (toggle ON/OFF).CTRL+IIndex Tuning Wizard.
CTRL+SHIFT+SShow client statisticsCTRL+SHIFT+TShow server trace.



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