Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How to Set Internet Explorer IE as Default Browser

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Do you really like internet explorer? If yes and plan to use it for all of your Internet browsing needs, you have to consider making internet explorer or IE as your default browser. Basically it was happen when you install more than one browser than you may dont get Internet Explorer as your default browser. Here in this article i will show you how one can set internet explorer as his deafult browser.

Steps to follow:
1. Open Internet Explorer on your computer.
2. Click on 'Tools' from toolbar menu.
3. Select 'Internet Options' from the list of choices.
4. Go to the 'Programs' tab.
5. Find the 'Default Web Browsers' heading.
6. Click on the 'Make Default' button.
Default Internet explorer IE
7. Click 'OK.' Your default Internet browser is now Internet Explorer.

To test your new settings to find Internet Explorer as your default browser, click on any Web link from your computer will now open by Internet explorer. If you click on a link from an email, the Web site should automatically load in a new Internet Explorer window or tab.


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