Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How to import data from Excel file to Oracle table using toad

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In some cases developers need to import excel file date into a oracle table. Here in this article i will explain step by step how one can import excel data into oracle table using TOAD.

The following are the steps to follow import data from Excel sheet to a Oracle Table:

First the Table must exist with the same or equal number of colums as that in the excell sheet.
Now from TOAD go to:
1. Database-->Import-->Table Data
2. Select the proper schema and Table name where data should be inserted
3. Click "Execute Wizard" and specify the type of file to be imported
4. Select "Excel File (.xls)" and click next
5. Give the path of the file, and again click next
6. Finally click execute..

Now your Excel sheet data will be transferred or imported into the oracle table.


devendra said...

is it necessary that the number of cols in excel sheet and the table in which we are inserting have to be same.
if they aren't how can we insert data?

vimla marwal said...

we can insert still..bcoz..it is going to take the value for other cols as null by default..

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