Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Activate your inactive utility folder option task manager

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Sometimes in Windows operating system we did not found some utilities like:

1. Folder Option
2. Task Manager
3. Control Panel
4. System Restore
5. Run Menu
6. Context Menu
7. My Computer
8. Search Option
9. Command Console
10. Registry Editor
11. MS Configure

This will happen due to virus attack.

One software named Re-Enable will help you to activate inactive utility as per your requirement. Download the Re-Enable software from here.

Its a small software which size is only 773 kb. Its a portable software so no need installation. So you can use this free software in your office laptop easily.

Now open the software & select the utilities whichever you want. Now click on Re-Enable button.

Hope now your inactive utilities will be active. Its easy !!!

You can also use the software for below purposes:

1. Detecting autorun.inf virus
2. Repairing Desktop
3. Change folder attributes

Use this software like charm.


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